The Art of Turning Your Videos into Engaging YouTube Shorts on Mobile

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YouTube Shorts has been a game-changer for content creators, allowing them to quickly and easily break down longer videos into shorter clips.

This makes it easy and efficient for creators to get their content out there quickly and with minimal fuss.

History of YouTube Shorts

The short-form video platform was launched by YouTube in September 2020, and has since grown to be one of the most popular features on the platform. YouTube Shorts allow users to quickly create and share videos up to 60 seconds in length, with a range of editing tools and features to help maximize creativity. Through the use of stickers, transitions, audio, and other features, users can create unique and engaging videos to share with friends, family, and the world.

How To Turn Long Form Videos into YouTube Shorts

When choosing among your videos, it’s important to choose one with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Think of the video as a story that should be told in 15 seconds or less. Although there is an option to record up to 60 seconds.

Here is how to turn a long form video into YouTube Shorts:

  1. Open your YouTube App and tap the “Create” button. (+)

2. Select the video you want to turn into a YouTube Short.

3. You will now be able to create a YouTube Short from the existing video.

4. To remove the last video clip you recorded, simply tap the “Undo” button. If you decide you’d like to add it back in, just tap the “Redo” button.

5. Tap “Done” to preview and enhance it.

6. Tap “Next”to add details to your video. You can now edit the title (up to 100 characters) and other details of your YouTube Short.

7. Tap “Select Audience” and choose either ””Yes, it’s made for kids” or “No, it’s not made for kids”.

8. Finally, click “Upload Short” and your YouTube Short will be live!

There are plenty of ways to make your videos stand out. Just remember to focus on making your videos entertaining and informative.

Utilize effective storytelling techniques, such as using dialogue, music, and effects to keep your audience hooked. Monitor the video’s analytics and adjust the strategies you are using to promote it if necessary. Finally, don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of your video so viewers will know what to do after watching. We hope these tips help you turn your videos into engaging YouTube Shorts!

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